We feel these key points set Fjordstar apart from the competition

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All models of Fjordstar boats are filled under deck with closed cell PU foam, so are completely unsinkable. You can saw a Fjordstar in ten pieces and every one will float. The PU foam also adds strength and deadens sound, creating a solid and quiet ride.

Every new model is extensively tested before entering the market - click on the Product Testing page to see photos and video of some of these tests in action!

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Fjordstar's strong and durable hulls are hand laid using the best REICHHOLD resins from Norway.

The Medium-V hulls are designed to combine great sea keeping with performance and efficiency. 

All models have a strong non-skid moulded finish in walking areas, with deep drainage channels around the deck and under hatches.

All models from FS380 up now have an under deck rigging duct, tidying away cables and reducing trip hazards.

The newest FS400 & 450 models have been developed with high tubes and lot of internal space. The new hull shape offers great freeboard and around an 8% increase in max speed.

All models are fitted as standard with stainless steel keel band to protect the hull when beaching.

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Fjordstar use high quality VALMEX PVC material sourced from Mehler technologies Gmbh (Germany).

All tubes are glued by hand and tested for at least 1 week before being attached to the boat hull.

Fjordstar tube connection is at least two times stronger than comparable brands, with much larger mounting flanges built into the hull design, and 4m+ boats having interior and exterior taped seams.

Each tube is made with the minimum number of joints, reducing hydrodynamic drag, joint patch wear and potential leaks.

Fjordstar have developed a new hydrodynamic form of tube cone to increase speed of the boats. Each version of craft from 4m+ has a unique cone end shape, developed to optimise speed, craft trim and sea-keeping capabilities.

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These are sourced from a single supplier in Italy. They're chosen to be strong, functional. stylish and have a long life, with ease of sourcing in the field if ever required.

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Fjordstar's philosophy is to continually develop all craft. They regularly carry out R&D trials, finding ways to improve acceleration, fuel economy and reduce wash.

Aswell as tube height improvements, reduced tube joints and hydro-dynamically improved tube cones, all models are now fitted with integrated trim tabs. The Fjordstar trim tabs are developed individually for each boat model (rather than buying off-the-shelf trim tabs), and as such offer around 23% faster acceleration onto the plane, reduced throttle when on the plane and reduced wash.

Fjordstar built what we think is the worlds smallest Cabin RIB at 5.8m.  If you need to be on the water in wind, rain or snow, The FS580 Cabin is the ideal choice for you.



Customers can choose from three hull GRP colours (White, Sand & Dark Grey), five tube colours (Light Grey, Dark Grey, Red, Dark Blue & Orange), two rubber furniture colours (Light Grey & Black) numerous upholstery options, with hard wearing PVC or great looking Silvertex material and a choice of coloured stitching too!


With all these great features, we feel Fjordstars commitment to Safety, Design & Performance is second to none!

Many companies choose to offer cheap boats that don't last, but Fjordstar feel quality counts. Building in Europe using European materials and thoroughly testing to ensure strong and durable boats are made for long and happy ownership is the secret to Fjordstar's ongoing success.